Feedback and Testimonials

We like to think that we offer exemplary quality and we are constantly examining our own practice to improve our programmes. However, in order to help you get a feel for the quality that we offer, here are just some of the comments and feedback from previous clients.

About the leadership session for the conference...The feedback was outstanding, all who attended only had positive comments to make about it and you helped to create a real buzz around the event.

CF University of Manchester

"Looking at the feedback, all the participants rated the session as "excellent", and some of the words they used to describe it include; thoughtful, inspiring, fun, meaningful and motivating."

MR Edinburgh Business School

The presenter Steve was amazing. Excellent presentation, organization, and energy. Bravo!

CH University of Cambridge

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G ! I was quite impressed about the energy and devotion of the presenter, you could tell that he was truly passionate about what he does and that itself is captivating!!!


I am hearing some fantastic feedback about yesterday's workshop.  One student even said that you are the best presenter they have ever heard.


One of the best classes I've attended...ever.


Thank you so much for the training session...I really enjoyed and learnt lots from it.
This is quite we are often 'forced' to undertake statutory training sessions that are completely useless and irrelevant to what we do. This was an optional session, but it was the most useful I've had in the last eight years! So thank you!

MG (Senior Lecturer) University of Westminster

The most interesting, productive and enjoyable staff development event that I've ever been to. Thank you.

MD Lecturer Brunel University

Thanks for the inspiring talk and the wonderful workshop. It was given in a very visually appealing form. Who doesn't like to read interesting illustrations? It was very well designed, practical and valuable for anyone who wants to enhance their understanding about writing.

LZ Confucius Institute for Business and Communication

Just a few quick lines to thank you for the excellent seminar – Giving Presentations. It was absolutely superb. I’ve been to quite a number of these seminars on doing presentations (in a University as well as a business context) – but yours was the best one so far, by a long margin.

MK Durham University

This was an extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable session and I look forward to putting some of the techniques I've learned today into practice.

SM City University London

Many thanks for the seminar today; I found it very interesting and incredibly useful. I’m about to transition from a senior PDRA to a tenure-track fellow so found everything particularly relevant to me. I will definitely put the ideas into practise.

NL PDRA University of Liverpool

Just wanted to say how good your workshop was. In fact, it's the best I’ve ever been to.

MA Programme Leader University of Dundee

You could clearly see that Steve was passionate about the subject and it reflected in the quality of teaching. Faultless.

EC Researcher KCL

Thank you for sharing an inspiring learning experience.

KA PDRA University of York

Many thanks for your brilliant session today. It must have been the best training session I've had throughout my study here.

NM Researcher University of Nottingham

Would I recommend this session? Unequivocally - to any academic.

FM Principal Investigator

This was the most successful training event I have attended; your understanding of the challenges of our particular project and your skill in engaging the participants was outstanding.

RN Research Professor

It don't remember ever going on a course here where I stayed awake and alert and interested all day. I know this seems doesn't seem like much, but this was a great session. Thank you.

RF Program Administrator

I just wanted to jot you a note of thanks to say how much I enjoyed your workshop on Conference Posters this morning. It was certainly more lively and engaging than I had hoped for - how did you manage to bring such charisma to poster design?!

SP Researcher

Just wanted to thank you for a great session - it has helped me focus and will be a great asset to me. I very nearly didn't attend because of a looming deadline , but I believe the hours spent will be repaid many times over!

RS Research Supervisor

Your first opening question changed my perspective on things entirely. Real insight and complete focus. Thank you.

GC Section Head

Thanks so much for your session. It really motivated me to change my approach to networking and academic conferences this summer. I can honestly say that putting your tips and tools into practice made me feel more confident, helped me to get more feedback on my work from senior people and allowed me to figure out a networking style that I'm finally comfortable with.

AB Judge Business School

Thanks again for today's workshop. I have attended several similar sessions in recent years. Yours is by far the best. Your approach has caused me to ask myself how to derive personal lessons from the material, and that has not happened very often before....

GC Research Professor

Thank you so much for the most interesting and inspiring workshop! I didn't only enjoy it but have tried to practise it. I felt lost in the midst of things and not sure what I was after. Now I feel more confident to do something. It's such a great feeling!

SML Research Student

What struck me most was how aware he seemed to be of everything that was occurring in the room. The real benefit came where he managed to help us open up discussions of what everyone was thinking… but no one was saying.

JPR Project Manager

I learned more in one afternoon with you than in the entire “Academic Development” programme that we are forced to do here. You’ve made me question my views on training. Thank you.

RG Lecturer and PhD Supervisor

I found your session on Saturday very useful indeed, to the extent that I haven't stopped thinking and rethinking so much of what you said. I am already working on some short term objectives which I have set myself and have organised another meeting with my supervisor. I feel so much more positive and optimistic now and certainly have managed to get rid of that dreaded feeling of isolation which can really pull me down

PR Research Student

I wanted to email you to say how interesting and informative I found the Giving Conference Presentations course yesterday. It was supportive, fun, answered all of my queries and provided more information on top. I would recommend this course for any academic

PB Research Staff

Thanks for the thesis course that I came on before the summer. I learned stuff that morning that I guess I really should have known before. I just submitted my thesis, so I’m celebrating! Your course should be compulsory – and I’ve told that to my supervisor!

MP Post Doc (Pending)

I’m just writing to say that, of all the sessions I’ve ever been to, this was by far the best.

DW Research Technician

Thanks for a really interesting day yesterday. I've been on two of your courses now and what works for me is the fact that they are different to the usual course format- more interactive and tailored to what individual participants want.

NK Research Student

The workshop was directed with real efficiency and yet, in the space of that relatively short time, you managed to achieve a warm and genuine relationship with each student, making us feel relaxed about airing problems and helping us arrive at possible solutions.

MO Research Student

Last year I took part in your Managing Research course and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for it. I found the questions you asked and tasks you gave us very inspiring. I gained so much from it and my first half year of my PhD programme certainly would not have been the same without it! I kept minutes from the workshop which I still use.

JP Research Staff

… thanks for the course that you ran about finishing the PhD. I was having a hard time and wondering if it was worth it. The ideas, tactics, techniques and support that I got from that afternoon were probably the difference between quitting and staying. Anyway, I got through my viva successfully yesterday – and I wanted to thank you.

LM Post-Doc